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Meaning of the name

Roxana translated from Persian means "fortuneteller", "dawn".


As a child, Roxanne is stubborn, persistent and oversensitive. She is charming and talented, with an excellent memory, and at the same time, demanding, capricious, irritable, reacts aggressively to the most innocent remarks of her parents or a harmless joke of friends, which, unfortunately, Roxanne does not have that many.

Roxanne's character is exactly the same as that of her mother, therefore, the greatest difficulties in communication arise precisely between mother and daughter. At school, Roxana often conflicts with teachers and classmates, especially if she was born in winter.

She studies without much zeal, sometimes she can get a lower score simply because she is stubborn and refuses to answer the teacher's questions. Roxana has an excellent ear for music, sings beautifully, and enjoys attending a music school.

Adult Roxanne is smart, attentive and circumspect. However, excessive irritability often harms her, many perceive her as an unreliable partner and are afraid to entrust important matters.

Under the influence of a momentary mood, this woman is capable, for example, when making a successful deal, just silently leave - and important documents will remain unsigned. And do not expect explanations and excuses from her, the only thing that you will hear is: "I decided so."

The peak of this woman's activity is in the evening and at night, but in the morning it is extremely difficult for her to get out of bed, so she tries to choose an occupation that involves working on the second shift or at night.

Choosing a profession, Roxana tries to ensure that future work brings her not only income, but also pleasure, or at least gives her the opportunity to make decisions on her own. Most often, she becomes a musician, artist, teacher, and sometimes connects her life with medicine.

Roxana's favorite pastime is driving. She usually does not complain about her health, although she is somewhat inclined to be overweight and sometimes has to arrange "fasting days" for herself.


Roxanne is beautiful, very feminine, passionate and sexy. She without hesitation can invite a man she likes on a date or to her home, it all depends on the momentary mood that Roxana is influenced by.

During intimacy, Roxana prefers to take an active position, loves to lead a partner, seeks to enjoy intimacy, not at all interested in whether a man likes the scenario of a love game she proposed. Sensual, indefatigable, capable of having sex all night long and reaching orgasm several times in a row.

However, Roxanne's love affairs are short-lived, and family life often does not work out, since not every man will like his wife's desire to always insist on her own in everything. She will never be submissive and quiet, no matter what trials fall on her lot.

Having married, Roxana shows herself as a wonderful housewife, economical and homely. Her culinary skills can only be envied, and Roxana will not fail to show them, having invited many guests. She most often does not get along with her mother-in-law, since she does not tolerate anyone's instructions, so it is best for spouses to live separately from the very beginning.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Cancer.


Roxanne's word gives the impression of something majestic, courageous, strong, cold, loud, brave, powerful, big, mobile, active, bright.

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