Romanian female names

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Alexandrina - protector of humanity
Alina - soothing
Andria - man, warrior
Anka - benefit, grace

Bogdana - a gift from God
Bogna is a gift from God

Vaiorica - bell
Violet - purple or purple flower
Vadoma - knowledge
Vaiolka - purple or purple flower
Viollka - purple or purple flower

Dana is a gift from God
Jaell - wild goat
Georgette - a peasant woman
Jofranka - free
Dika - from Magdala
Doina - folk song
Donka is invaluable
Dorina - from the Doric tribe
Drina - of Hadriya
Dakiena - wolf

Ekaterina is clean
Elizabeth - God is my oath

Ilina - torch, moon or secretly escape
Ilinka - god is my god
Joana is a good god
Ionela is a good god

Kizzy - cinnamon tree
Constanta - stable
Kosmina - order, beauty
Crina - lily
Camelia - keeper

Lala - tulip
Lenuta - torch, moon or secretly escape
Luminita - small, light
Luladja - the flower of life
Luminitsa - small, light

Mala - necklace
Mirela - delightful
Miruna - peace
Mikheela - Who Is Like God?
Madeline - from Magdal

Nadia - hope
Narkisa - numbness, sleep
Nicoleta - victory of people

Ohana is a good god

Rodica - fertile
Ruxandra - Dawn
Sanda is the protector of humanity

Simza - joy
Stanka is a great government
Sorina - the sun
Stele - star
Stephenia - crown

Taleita is a little girl
Tsera - light of dawn
Tseritsa - light of dawn
Tshilaba - the seeker of knowledge

Fifika - multiplying
Florica - flower

Shofranka - free

Aish - alive
Esmeralda - emerald

Juliana - youth
Julia - youth


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